Speculative Fiction writer Claude Lalumière has used the MatM song This Is The Ice Age as inspiration for a literally chilling short story which is included in Objects of Worship, his new collection of twelve strange, eerie, sensual stories of monstrous gods, disturbing faiths, and urgent desires. The book features interior illustrations by Rupert Bottenberg (Claude's Lost Myths collaborator) and an Introduction by World Fantasy Award-winning author James Morrow.

Claude describes listening to the album This Is The Ice Age as a teenager living in Montreal: "I played the album obsessively. It haunted me. Its sinuous rhythms, its surreal atmosphere, and its gorgeously imaginative and playful lyrics utterly seduced me... although most of this story was inspired (obviously) by the album's title song, the other tracks contributed to the mix. The aural mood of the entire album is reflected by the struggle between warmth and cold at the heart of my story." "Claude Lalumière's stories are dark, mordant, precisely formed. His first collection is extraordinarily accomplished in its craft and subversive intent." - Lucius Shepard

"Claude Lalumière has a poet's sensibility. He suggests; never overstates. This finely crafted, stylishly dark collection is a vitrine of objets and curios, a specimen cabinet of elegant bizarrerie. I recommend it to all connoisseurs of lyricism and things passing strange." - Richard Calder

"Claude Lalumière's extravagant imagination is matched by only two other qualities: his compassion for his characters, and his sparkling facility with language. His stories resound with the clash of ideas, the music of hearts and the howls of indignation that any sensitive creator emits when confronted with a universe less esthetically pleasing and fair-minded than the ones he daily strives to create." - Paul Di Filippo

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