UK singer/ songwriter/ producer Mpho, (pronounced MM'POH), who recently signed with Parlophone/EMI, is about to launch her first single, Box N Locks from her forthcoming album, Pop Art. Co-produced by Switch, Box N Locks uses samples of Echo Beach throughout the song. As the writer of Echo Beach, Mark gave his permission to allow the song to be sampled because both he and Martha liked Mpho's strong and intelligent, pro-female message coupled with Box N Locks' catchy pop sensibility.

Mpho As Mpho explains: "I guess that song was the culmination of loads of different experiences in my life that I'd never really acknowledged. I've had battles with communities and cultures and cliques: all through my life I didn't ever belong to any one group. I was into Bashment, R & B and Hip Hop, but for some people I was either too light (skinned) and they were jealous or I was too light and so didn't belong to the "Motherland" (Africa). There were times I thought, 'Hang on - you were born in Kilburn and I was born in South Africa: what're you talking about? How dare you!' I also used to listen to The Jam and The Clash in my friend's house, and sometimes felt like, 'I'm that too', even though punk was considered 'for white people'. I think I'd got to the point where I'd just had enough, and that ('Echo Beach') sample triggered the person in me that for so long I hadn't been allowed to be. I think 'Box n Locks' speaks on nearly every element of my character. And that was the turning point: that was when I realised I knew what I was going to do with my record."

Slated for release on July 20th, Box N Locks has already attracted a lot of media attention in the UK and over the Internet and is getting a major push from Parlophone/EMI. Check out Mpho at her   website  and the Box N Locks video on her   MySpace page.

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