The most requested MatM album finally gets reissued 24 years after its 1981 debut on vinyl!!! Released on C.D. by EMI Canada in April 2005,

"Ice Age" was the first of three colIaborations with the now legendary producer Daniel Lanois and marks the beginning of his sister Jocelyne's association as bass player with the band. Include are two rare bonus tracks from the same sessions,"I'm No Good At Conversation" and "Twenty-Two In Cincinatti". Remastered by Peter J. Moore.


"From its sound, bittersweet lyrics and unconventional song structure, (Swimming is)…one of the most singularly original songs of the 80s.”

A.S. Van Dorston



"The great lost New Wave album - moody, detached, heartbroken. I finally figured out how to digitize my old vinyl records this year and Ice Age was the first, and best, to jump the divide. Virgin, release this on CD or I'll start burning copies for all of Boston."

Ty Burr



"Swimming, which breaks us into the album is not only some kind of ambiguous masterpiece but says as much as any one track can about the overall tone of the album. It's a beautifully slippery mood piece, set to a straggling syncopation, which bursts into carnal brilliance with the dank, liguid croon of Mark Gane…Impossibly catholic in form, the record's unifying thread is its strange, modern melancholy."

Dave Hill



"The music is venturing into less commercial, more experimental territory. Tracks such as Casualties of Glass emerge with a beautiful, densely layered sound. The band is definitely growing in sophistication, pushing them miles ahead of many of their Canadian counterparts."

Carol Ann Retallack



"Ice Age is one of the most intriguing and complex albums I have heard this year."



"With a new single, Women Around The World At Work, already bound for the Top 10 in Canada and a new album, This Is The Ice Age, also climbing up the charts…Martha and the Muffins are reaffirming their leadership as the country's most successful new wave band and one of the very few to survive at all."

David Livingstone



"Martha and the Muffins paint as acute an image of the world from Ontario…as Margaret Atwood has in Surfacing orThe Edible Women. This is required listening."

Ellie O'Day



"…an elegant masterwork in a minor melodic mode… This Is The Ice Age merits careful consideration for the Muffins have taken a dangerous gamble career-wise and won."



"There is no other band which emerged from Canada's fledgling punk scene of a few years ago which matters. With the release of their third album Martha and the Muffins not only prove themselves superior in their native land but reveal a musical and intellectual depth that is rare in rock'n'roll the world over. This Is The Ice Age is not only a brilliant musical work but stands on par with the music of artists like Peter Gabriel, Roxy Music and David Bowie."
James Muretich

"The crisply hypnotic single Women Around The World At Work is an example of how a clean and uncluttered sound can be punchier than all the fuzzed guitars you could cram into Castle Donnington. The most beautiful moment is reserved for One Day In Paris, as delicate as lace yet pulled tighter than steel wire."

Paul Colbert



"This is a very private record. It's also a very good one."

Peter Goddard


Mark Gane

guitar, vocals, keyboards, treatments & percussion


Martha Johnson

vocals, keyboards & percussion


Tim Gane

drum kit & percussion


Andy Haas

alto sax & trombone


Jocelyne Lanois

bass, backing vocals, percussion & keyboards


Daniel Lanois

additional backing vocals, percussion & treatments


Nick Gane

Casiotone M10, noise generator on 'Boy Without Filters'


Sandy Horne, Gordon Deppe & Alyx Skriabow

additional backing vocals on 'Casualties of Glass'


Andy Condon

handclaps on 'Casualties of Glass'


George Axon

additional percussion on
'This is the Ice Age'

Corinne Plomish

additional backing vocal on 'Women Around the
World at Work'


Glenn Schellenberg

acoustic piano on 'You Sold the Cottage' & 'I'm No Good at Conversation'


Produced by
Martha and the Muffins & Daniel Lanois


Engineered by

Daniel Lanois


Basic tracks recorded
May-June 1981 at
Nimbus 9, Toronto ON


Assistant Engineer
Andy Condon


Additional recording & mixing June-July 1981
at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton ON


Assistant Engineer
George Axon




Casualties Of Glass
Boy Without Filters
Jets Seem Slower In London Skies
This Is The Ice Age
You Sold The Cottage
Three Hundred Years/Chemistry
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