As with their debut, the band themselves play wonderfully, and there are some wonderful songs on it, such as the highlight, "Symptomatic Love." Martha Johnson's vocals for this track are flawless, and the song features great lyrics that in their apparent simplicity say a great deal. "Suburban Dream," "Be Blasé," "Luna Park," and "Was Ezo" are other standout cuts that demonstrate the brilliance of this band. This album marks the first time the band covered a song, Chris Spedding's "Motorbikin".
Aaron Badgley

Mark Gane

Guitars, Vocals & Synthetics


Martha Johnson

Vocals & Keyboards

Tim Gane

Drums & Percussion

Martha Ladly

Vocals, Keyboards & Trombone

David Millar

Live Sound


Carl Finkle



Produced by
Mike Howlett

Engineered by

Richard Manwaring

Tape Op

Howard Gray

Recorded and mixed at

The Manor, July 1980

"About Insomnia" recorded at the Townhouse Studios



Suburban Dream
Luna Park
Was Ezo
Teddy The Dink
Symptomatic Love
Primal Weekend
Halfway Through
The Week
Am I On?
About Insomnia
Be Blasé
Trance And Dance
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