Martha Johnson's critically acclaimed album of songs for young children, inspired by the birth of her daughter.


Sixteen highly original songs along with classics like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Row Row Row Your Boat" and "White Coral Bells". Parents love it too and have been known to listen to it in their cars without the kids!


Juno Award Winner for Best Children's Album.



"All the songs display a level of melodic, vocal
and instrumental sophistication that is rare in children's music... refreshing for parents who routinely have to endure hearing the same record over and over and over and over."

Christopher Harris



"She writes about things young children love. The music is pure pop of the most listenable kind, with some interesting sound effectsto intrigue little people."

Deanne Fisher



"The music is simple and melodic with a clean modern sound that, fortunately, resists the temptation to overindulge in technology. It's a fresh new sound in children's music, and that's quite an accomplishment these days."

John Hoffman



"A very refreshing collection of songs that will surely find a place in the hearts of children. Excellent production standards."

Jack Grunsky

Children's Performer


"A delightful collection of children's songs... Magic! I enjoyed the songs thoroughly."

Bob McAdorey



Released 1995


Muffin Music

Produced by Mark Gane & Martha Johnson



Into The Tree House
When You Grow Up
It Was An Accident!
The Golden Rule
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Wind
White Coral Bells
My Best Friend
Don't Give Me
Those Beans
I Made It Myself
Are We There Yet?
Row Row Row Your Boat
The Shang Yang
(The Rainbird)
Sailing Through The Night
Shooting Stars
Goodnight From
The Tree House
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