Black Stations/White Stations (From the MatM album Mystery Walk 1984)


At the time, Martha said this about where the inspiration for the song came from:


I was driving around in the band van listening to some pop radio station when I heard the DJ introduce the song "Brown-Eyed Girl" by telling the listeners that when Van Morrison had originally written the song it was titled "Brown-Skinned Girl". He had been strongly urged to change it as his record company at the time was worried that the title and interracial theme might offend some people and hurt his chances of having a hit with the record.


I thought this story was so ludicrous until I started thinking about here we were in l984 and not much had changed as music was still segregated into black music stations and white music stations. I remember it was still an issue at that time whether Michael Jackson would be played only on the black stations!

Written by:
Mark Gane, Martha Johnson & Bob Frescoe

Produced, Directed and Photographed by Bob Frescoe

Assisted by: Byron Patchett

Edited by: Bob Frescoe

Financial assistance by FACTOR

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