Is the new MatM album ever going to come out? The answer is a resounding YES! (but not for a while yet). Martha and Mark finished mixing Delicate late last year at Phase One Studios in Toronto with producer/mixing engineer David Bottrill (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel et al) who did a fantastic job in getting the best out of every track.

However, due to some lengthy legal and health issues, the release, which should have been around now, has been delayed. After extended consultations with our manager and several PR advisors, it has been decided that Delicate's release will be in Jan/Feb 2010, which gives us time to upgrade our official website, as well as our MySpace, Facebook and YouTube pages and shoot the video for the first single release, Mess.

In the meantime, Martha and Mark have recently shot an EPK to promote Delicate with videographer / photographer James Brylowski who is currently editing the material for release later this year. Several MatM videos, some of which have never been seen, are being transferred from the original masters so they can be uploaded to the band's various websites and will be available for online viewing shortly. Also, in the coming months, MatM will be streaming selected songs from the new album, giving listeners a preview of what is to come.

There will be many more updates soon so please take a moment to join our   MySpace ,  Facebook  and  YouTube  pages.

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